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Glitter Qween and Illustrator

Designed our amazing Logo 

Meet the Artists, Designers & Makers currently in stock


Artist and sticker maker 


Ursula Cheng

Visual artist * Live digital drawing * Screen-printing * Illustration

White Rabbit Stationary

Lovingly hand made cards and feminist paper fortune cookies!

Yellow Bubble

Independent luxury knitwear inspired by the weird, wonderful and fluffy

Thrifty Little

Sustainable upcycled fashion for the fiercest feminists

 Lucky Cloud


Luxury Botanical Skincare

Made in Edinburgh

vegan friendly + cruelty free

Carol Li

Kawaii Decoden Phone Cases, Mirrors and Pom Pommed stuff

Duck & Peach

Illustrated Gifts & Cards

Lady Kerry

Puntastic, & cute illustrated gifts

 prints,  pins & quirky cool things

Leo & Sag

Edinburgh based design studio 


Elsa P Underwood

Hand drawn acrylic jewellery 

Vegan High Five Club

Vegan stickers and gifts

Fuck My Life Comics


Miss Vicky Viola

Retro style Designer &  Blogger

Little Earth Designs

Floating plants

Equal Folk

creating card for LGBTQI+ people to inspire and create awareness.



Illustrator & Comic artist

Silvia Ballardini

Freelance illustrator & concept artist


Sara Julia

Freelance Illustrator

Sophie Bellingham

Tattoo artist